Production Laboratory Manager – Job Description



Description: Performs all duties associated with the Production Laboratory Supervisor position with the additional higher-level responsibilities/expectations.


Reporting structure: Reports directly to the Director of Operations.



  • Performs all duties associated with the Production Laboratory Supervisor position
  • Ensures that all aspects of tissue production are completed correctly and on time, including seeding the correct number of kits, splitting the correct number of plates, thawing the correct number of vials, etc.
  • Assumes responsibility for timely preparation, assembly and submission of product batch records to the Product Manager
  • Organizes tasks around the lab and assigns specific duties to lab members
  • Has thorough knowledge of all aspects of the production process and acts as a go-to resource when questions arise, or step into any part of the production process in the absence of a technician
  • Assumes responsibility for maintaining QC records and ensures all equipment is kept in spec
  • Spearheads product development/optimization research under the direction of the product manager
  • Able to analyze data and present results in a concise and readable format
  • Interacts with customer service to put new orders on the production schedule
  • Oversees training of new employees within the lab
  • Alerts product manager when a problem occurs
  • Works with product manager to determine the root cause of out of spec or otherwise unexpected results
  • Participates in writing and reviewing SOPs 
  • Keeps up to date with the latest technologies and processes that may be applied to further the goals of the company
  • Participates in upper-level meetings as a direct connection between the lab and management
  • Able to independently develop and present ideas to advance production processes
  • Leads special projects or product optimization/development research


Qualifications and experience:

  • Master’s degree in Biology or equivalent with 3+ years or Bachelor’s degree in Biology or equivalent with 5+ years of hands-on cell culture experience, as well as previous experience as Production Laboratory Supervisor
  • Expert in mammalian cell cultures
  • Expert in aseptic technique
  • 2+ years GMP experience
  • 2+ year tissue engineering experience
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent organizational skills