• MIami

Invitro lead/lab manager

Job Summary:

The lab manager reports directly to the CEO and is responsible for all aspects of the lab including managing teams, quality assurance, and ensuring that all internal and external goals are met.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Build and lead a team of technicians/histotechnicians
  • Develop and follow company SOPs and existing guidelines
  • Develop a bioreclomation facility
  • Analyze and separate blood doses and create tissue samples
  • Promote growth of new tissue and all existing lines of cells and tissues
  • QA and QC appropriate equipment and technology
  • Oversee necropsy
  • Oversee lab tools through venders 
  • Assess production/ quality data and report to stakeholders
  • Generate cells and cell cultures
  • DNA and RNA purification 

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Hepatocytes Microsites
  • Hepatocyte isolations
  • Blood isolations
  • Develop product demand list