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General Manager, Drug Development Research Facility

Facility Description 

The facility is a 250,000 Sq Ft purpose build preclinical research and development facility that has roughly 360 employees across Toxicology/Safety Assessment, Supporting Laboratory Services, Quality Assurance, Dose formulation analysis, SG&A/ Admin, Risk Management, Human Resources, and Finance.

General Description

Duties for the general manager will include allocating budget resources, formulating policies, coordinating business operations, monitoring and motivating staff, managing operational costs, improving the administrative process, hiring employees, maintaining a culture of quality and animal welfare. 

The GM gives specific directions to each department head which will include Toxicology/Safety Assessment, Supporting Laboratory Services, Quality Assurance, Dose formulation analysis, SG&A/ Admin, Human Resources, and Finance.   

The GM may lay out incentives for the staff and assess the efficiency of departments while offering strategic plans for the business based on company goals. 

The GM is responsible for all aspects of the business including daily operations, administrative functions, and finances. 

They must have a thorough understanding of the departments of the company’s operations, be skilled at managing and leading employees, and make sound decisions for the company. They must also be skilled at budgeting, planning, and strategy. 

Specific Duties

  • Lead Client presentations
  • Continue to build and maintain a strong and effective leadership team. 
  • Determine and approve budgets for each of the departments
  • Driving corporate-led initiatives as a champion of corporate mission, principles, job basics and values.
  • Ensure business development and marketing activities result in the volume of short and long-term growthof new contracts, study starts and revenue thatmeet stated goals. 
  • Ensure that compliance programs throughout the organization are appropriate, effective and efficient, identify, prevent, detect, and correct noncompliance with applicable rules and regulations
  • Lead USDA and AALAC site visits as well as client visits. 
  • Develop strategic plans and KPIs for individual departments as well as the overall site. 
  • Interact with leaders from other corporate sites across North America. 
  • Maintain a culture dedicated to data integrity, quality, and animal welfare from all departments. 
  • Meet with departments regularly to manage issues and nonconformities. 
  • Generate new ideas for company and culture growth, brining the site forward. 
  • Oversee and evaluate the activities of the Senior Directors and VPs of departments
  • Ensure compliance with corporate standards, FDA, USDA and AALAC
  • Oversee construction operation, implementing all safety policies and monitory regulations to ensure a safe and productive work environment for all employees. 


  • 15+ years of experience in a regulated biopharmaceutical drug developemnt environment. 
  • Advanced degree specilizing in business, science, operations management and/or veterinary medicine.  
  • Ability to apply advanced mathmatical and statistical evaluations to scientific and business data for interpretation and presentation to staff and upper management. 
  • Experience with budgetary oversight and P&L responsibility
  • Expereince managing multipel groups/ functions within an organization
  • Expereince and training in GLP regulations and knowledge of ongoing toxicology, regulatory, laws, rules, and notices on guidelines concerning preclinical drug development, and business communication.