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Attending Veterinarian


We are inviting an accomplished veterinarian into our growing and evolving organization that is supporting end-to-end research for the betterment of animal health and human outcomes. We are one of just a handful of facilities in the country in a position to provide this level of clinical caregiving and specialization.. 

Purpose of the role:

The Attending Veterinarian and Associate Director are responsible for the well-being and clinical care of the animal models and the growth and development of the veterinary services team. This responsibility extends to supervising and promoting animal well-being at all times during animal use and during all phases of the animal’s life as well as the compliance monitoring, quality management, and safety of the animal models.  

This role contributes to the success of the organization and Animal Welfare by:

  • Providing veterinary guidance to animal caretakers, managers, scientists, and other stakeholders within the Organization on the implementation of the three Rs
  • To engender and support a “Culture of Care” within Organization while promoting and demonstrating professional standards.
  • Furthering program development as well as site improvements through personnel growth and development, facility improvements, animal welfare audits, and evaluation of clinical care. 
  • Active membership in the various IACUCs for the assigned sites and assuming related projects and tasks.
  • Providing direct or through a designee veterinary clinical services to each site, including herd health, biosecurity practices, adventitious organism prevention, detection, containment, and eradication, as well as surgery, anesthesia, and analgesia as needed.
  • Providing veterinary expertise and guidance for customers and other stakeholders regarding animal health and welfare.
  • Fulfilling the role of Attending Veterinarian for the assigned sites as required for PHS OLAW Assurance, AAALAC Accreditation, and USDA AWA compliance.
  • Developing and maintaining knowledge and expertise in laboratory animal science and other relevant specialist disciplines through unsupervised study, reading scientific publications, and attending scientific meetings and courses.
  • Providing veterinary support to other Organization sites upon request.
  • Promoting and complying with Organization’s quality procedures.
  • Providing oversight, expertise, and practical guidance with regard to animal health monitoring programs.
  • Providing direct, or through designees, veterinary oversight, expertise, and coverage as indicated for the surgical facilities located at various sites, including developing new surgical models and providing guidance on current best practices in surgical procedures and anesthesia.
  • Providing oversight and guidance regarding maintaining relevant local, state, and federal veterinary and animal-related regulatory compliance.
  • Contributing veterinary scientific expertise as needed for education and training programs for animal care employees, supervisors, managers, and other Organization stakeholders.
  • Promoting and complying with Organization’s health and safety procedures.
  • Fulfilling any other assigned duties that may be required by Organization.


  • Experience carrying out audits or inspections preferred
  • Sufficient time in private practice or laboratory animal medicine to gain competency in veterinary herd health, clinical medicine, and surgery skills
  • Maintaining state veterinary licensure and federal accreditation through continuing education credits
  • Fluent in English, spoken and in writing
  • Veterinary degree 

Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Proactively searches for opportunities to develop own skills and knowledge 
  • Gives practical support and assistance to enable individuals to get the job done
  • Identifies improvement opportunities in my own department and across the facility.
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Demonstrates effective use of time and resources
  • Routinely meets agreed deadlines
  • Builds rapport to influence message, acceptance, and understanding
  • Develops laboratory animal herd health, clinical medicine, and surgery skills
  • Interest/experience in animal ethics, welfare science, genetically engineered colony management, health programs, genetics, or other related disciplines would be an advantage.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills

Preferred Skills/Abilities:

  • ACLAM diplomate or other specialty board certification
  • Previous teaching/tutoring experience
  • Computer proficiency and ability to learn the use of specific data capture systems
  • Animal production, surgery, anesthesia or other related further experience or qualification in the veterinary field

Professional Veterinary Benefits 

  • Tuition/Loan repayment/ matching program,  Company matches up to $1500/ month towards student loans.
  • Paid for Veterinary License and DEA licensing. 
  • Paid for continuing education classes and a variety of conferences
  • Ability to work with a wide variety of clinical cases and contribute to operations and growth of a large facility (10,000 + NHPs) 
  • Opportunity (not a requirement) for domestic and international travel to other research sites in the organization for adoption of new skills, sharing expertise, and sharing best practices. International travel to visit breeding sites and supplier audits. 
  • Paid opportunities for research in breeding, husbandry, enrichment, clinical care, housing, and in the future PK studies and surgical best practices. 
  • Support for foreign veterinarians getting licensed in the US
  • Existing program to assist DACLAM eligible veterinarians with board certification (regular study times, PTO for preparing before boards, internal boarded veterinary discussions and support, virtual study groups) 
  • Support for other industry boards and professional organizations
  • Training with NHPs for those with limited experience