Position Title: Animal Facility Operations Manager

Reports to: CEO

Location: East Naples Florida




  1. Lead and Manger the three Operations groups: Husbandry, Study Operations, and Necropsy. 
  2. Manage the in-house non-human primate (NHP) colony along with operational support 
  3. Monitor all incoming and outgoing NHP shipments. 
  4. Training of the Study technicians and the Necropsy technicians.


  1. Organize scheduling, training, and onboarding of Technical Staff
  2. Conduct quality control assessment to make sure study conducts meet certain organizational standards such as SOPs and Facility Operations Standards
  3. Provide State of Operations reports to the CEO
  4. Foster a positive environment that encourages employees to work in a productive manner
  5. Monitor employee performance and provide guidance 
  6. Implement measures and make sure employees follow safety measures such as proper PPE and under Animal Welfare guidance.
  7. Oversee processes to find areas of improvement 
  8. Assist the Veterinarian Staff with Semi-Annual Physicals, bio-product collection, and client/contractual procedures performed on non-human primates 
  9. Oversee and ensure completion of all requirements for daily protocol tasks. 
  10. Accept and verify documents of non-human primates received. 
  11. Review/ verify USDA Documentation 7020 for the acquisition and transport of animals. 
  12. Train Staff on the proper procedures for disposal of Bio-Medical Waste. 
  13. Function as a Safety Committee Member



  1. Ensure the Quality Control cleaning requirements are met and exceeded. 
  2. Assign Standard Operating Procedures to all departments. 
  3. Monitor and inspect all Personal Protective Equipment use
  4. Inspect and maintain all animal housing areas.
  5. Help foster the highest standards of Animal Welfare
  6. Oversee the ordering of all chemicals for the disinfecting of holding areas as well as

Supplies for testing.


Operations Analyst Skills and Qualifications: 

Problem Solving, Quality Focus, General Consulting Skills, Project Management, Process Improvement, Client Relationships, Reporting Skills, Networking Knowledge, Networking Standards

Qualifications include 

  • AALAS Certifications LAT, LATG, CMAR, etc
  • Previous experience working and managing within an in vivo biomedical research facility
  • 2 years minimum management experience