It’s with pleasure I write this recommendation for Mr. Bradley McMillan. I have known Brad almost for two years now and he is the recruiter who connected me with my current employer, whom I quite enjoy working for today.

I appreciate his very friendly personality which made him very approachable during my long, multi-step and somewhat stressful interview process. Bradley had been quite transparent, honest, patient and understanding throughout. All the questions I had were duly answered, and they were always attentive in making sure that they worked in my best interest. Once he got to know me initially, he presented me with multiple opportunities to pursue, based on my skills, instincts and interests. I never felt a sense of pressure to make decisions about any positions I was interviewed for at that time, but he gave me enough information and guidance for my next steps and the freedom to decide myself.

I very much enjoyed working with Brad. I am very happy to have landed on one of the best career opportunities out there that matched well with my education, training, experience, skills, talents and passions. If Brad had not reached out to me, I would not have had this amazing opportunity to work with this company today!

While I recommend them for anyone seeking career opportunities in Pre-Clinical, CRO, and Lab animal industries, I sincerely thank Brad for his support to make this job hunting endeavor a great success.