I work across Sr Management, Sr Scientific, Operational, and Business Development roles across the drug development pipeline.

A healthy growing business is growing or developing in one of these areas at any given time. Where are you at in your business?

Direct Hire Recruiting

I provide direct hire search services to the drug development industry spanning the drug development timeline from early discovery through IND and translational medicine through manufacturing and analytical services of drug substance in the large and small molecule as well as the emerging field of Cell and Gene Therapy. I work across the C-Suite, Vice President, and Sr/Director levels in Senior Scientific, Operations and Business Development roles and help to circumvent the time factor in the hiring sequence to add value to my client companies.

Senior Scientific Roles

I offer technical recruiting services for the management or senior management roles in the drug development process. With relation to the drug development pipeline, I specialize in key roles from Discovery through IND, Clinical manufacturing through NDA and beyond, whether it is in a life science research tools company, to contract research services, contract development/manufacturing services, as well as biotech and biopharma across the US. The value add is multiple clients multiple indications, narrow band of field repeatability, large
geographic space.

Business Development Roles

Within business development roles, I have expertise at the strategic and tactical roles within life science research tools, capital equipment, contract research services, and CDMO service sales bringing in top performers and “hunters” whether it is in a back-fill position or a new territory development. The value add is multiple clients multiple indications, narrow band of field repeatability, large geographic space. Get back to building your territories by bringing in high impact players to your team.

Operations Roles

I have experience finding top talent From QA/QC functions to site operations and leadership roles concerned with planning, organizing directing and overall control of all activities within the organization including product. Whether you are looking for tactical or strategic leaders to help align the business create opportunities for synergies across the business ecosystem on topics such as developing business models, organizational design and cross-functional initiatives to drive long term business stability.

Why work with us

Infrequently does the perceived endpoint is rarely how we finish. We are able to course-correct based on feedback. We have the ability and the expertise to help grow the organization beyond the scope of the individual position I fill. The outstanding performance of my candidates create openings in other departments to catch up – I can support you there as well.

Industry expertise in multiple departments of your organization which allow me to help you grow now and in the future.

Deep understanding of the drug development process and the moving pieces of the regulatory field play a key role in how I select my candidates and who I work with. I relate their past successes into clearly transferable skills and direct match successes.

Industry knowledge that transcends the immediate role and gives me the ability to see your business with an outside perspective that is able to compare your goals and successes with other key industry leaders I work with providing competitive insight where ethically appropriate.

My interaction with candidates in the industry plays a key marketing role in your organization for brand awareness and communicating your unique value proposition

Depending on feedback times, I am able to deliver the candidate who accepts the position in the first 21 days. Accounting for internal processes you can expect and engagement to last 45-60 days

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