About Us

Our Story

RPM came to be in April of 2018 as a sole venture to provide top-level recruiting to the drug-development industry after gaining years of experience in the industry. What started as an experiment years ago has fueled my passion for accelerating scientific growth for key clients’ in drug development. One of the things I noticed about healthy growing businesses is that they are typically grown in one of three key areas: Senior Scientific Management, Business Development, and Operational Leadership. I built my business to be able to service the needs of my clients throughout this cycle.

While I provide key talent for individual positions I also have the ability to help achieve growth goals through multiple avenues acting as a growth consultant. This is where my top clients are able to see the biggest gains.

I investigate the business and discuss goals with key stakeholders while keeping an eye out for key talent that may be interested in growing their contributions in addition to contracted roles. I decided to work in a relatively narrow band of the industry to gain deeper experience in the nuances of a variety of sizes of Biopharma, Contract Research, and Life Science tools and technology. This gives me access to current trends and growth strategies that I utilize in my client’s growth goals.

One key difference in working with my firm is that you are working with me as the top expert versus your project being handed off to a junior staff member. The average tenure of a recruiter any space is 18 months. Who do you want handling your project?

Mission Statement

I strive to make an impact on the drug development space by putting top talent into their highest and best use which in turn increases the collective scientific body of knowledge. To have the impact I want I would need 7 Ph.D.s in a variety of life science fields, a DVM, MBA, PMP with my DACVP, DABT and ERT and the ability to be in all places at once.

Alternatively, I have dedicated my career to headhunting senior thought leaders and high impact players in drug discovery and translational R&D positions to help solve key business problems.

What to expect

You can expect an in-depth dive into your company’s culture as well as direct and indirect competitors in the space

You can expect a deep dive into your current vacancy and the business problems it solves.

You can expect a search outcome that is derived from key people, not keywords.

You can expect follow-up communications from candidate interviews and assistance with transitional negotiations.

You can expect candidate resumes and profiles from individuals who do not have their resumes posted on job boards and are not actively searching for roles, but might be selectively open to targeted opportunities.

You can expect timely recommendations of pre-qualified candidate profiles from individuals who meet at least 90% of your recommended criteria. You can expect that we have had a recent relevant conversation with this individual and they are motivated to change their role by something other than an increase in salary.